Pro Comp Suspension Lift kits

Pro Comp has been the leader in lifted suspension systems since 1992. They offer lift kits ranging from 2″ (inches) to 8.5″ (inches).

They offer quality protective coated components with substantial range to customize the lift and look of your truck or SUV. Every kits is has all the parts required and very good installation instructions for DIY. They also provide accessories including Lateral Trac Bars, Multiple Shock Kits, Stainless Skid Plates, and Pro Runner Light Bars. Price ranges form $550 – $2000.

  • Height of the Lift: Will you be playing in the mud, driving over boulders or just want an bolder lifted stance when driving around town?
  • Lift the Front, Back or Both: You can purchase inexpensive lift kits to simply lift the rear of your truck or more expensive kits to lift the front and back different heights. Can You Use Stock Wheels and Tires: Some of the more expensive truck lift kits depending on height of lift will require you to change out your stock tires and wheels adding to the cost of the project.


With all the available suspension Honda CRV Lift Kit and systems on the market you should be able to find the right lift within your budget for your style. I recommend you do thorough research on the internet and even contact the manufacturer  directly before purchasing a suspension lift kit for your vehicle.

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