4×4 shops in charlotte nc

Exploring NC by 4×4 will open up a new adventure in being able to take the back roads and experience the continent in it’s full colour. With long periods of involvement of the mainland we can help you with a rental, as well as comments on current street conditions, spots to stay, maps, advice of what to see and do and we able to offer you a 24 hour back up service.

The rental of a Land Rover 4×4 is an economical way to explore charlotte as it allows you the freedom and access to the numerous game parks which are mostly 4×4 track. Our rates are simple to understand and calculate, so is our terms and conditions.

We have a selection of Land Rovers – FAQ – Our Vehicles – that are well maintained and well equipped. 4×4 shops in charlotte nc provides all 4×4 rentals with a Garmin GPS with pre loaded Tracks for maps of the areas you intend travelling to.Vehicles are permitted to drive from Charlotte with a selection of pick-up and drop-off points throughout NC.


If you require an camp assistant, car driver or even a tour guide we have a cool selection of flower / birding / cultural / wildlife / photography specialists who have conducted numerous specialist tours throughout NC. Guides can also be used for specific areas of your tour with a pick up / drop off. Send us your request and we will gladly assist you with options. 4×4 NC is looking forward to welcome you and to assist in making your adventure a memorable one.

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