A good way to approach nutrition

I discovered that understanding the relationship between cancer, vitamins and minerals is the first step to recovery. The three main conventional cancer treatments are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. All three of these options can have significantly harmful effects to your body. If you select any of these treatments, you must have a goal to bounce back from the treatment in better health than before. The way to achieve this goal is to participate in a quality nutritional program specifically designed for your body’s needs. This program should include replacing the many vitamins and minerals that were depleted during the treatment.



Like me, the majority of Americans do not seek out nutritional healing until they, or a family member are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Don’t be part of the majority! I know now that if we had been on a program of vitamins and minerals, along with a healthy diet, we could have likely prevented the cancer. You must focus on PREVENTION!

I am here to guide you as you search for optimum health and longevity. I can help you to design a customized program of vitamins and minerals as well as lead you to discover the diet that works best for maintaining your optimum health and longevity. Ultimately, you will discover Athletic Greens Review


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